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    The Culture Shock in the Kitchen

    Chicken Soup VS Chinese Home-style Dough Drop Soup

    中国人民以食为天,吃的好不好很大程度上决定了我们的生活幸福感。当我们有一天踏上了异国远方的土地,随着最初的新奇和新鲜感慢慢退却,最先涌上的思念,很可能是那份已经熟悉了十几年的口味,我们的胃在召唤我们了。 Chinese people regard eating as a living priority. Good eating can determine the happiness of our life. One day when we land in a foreign country, after the excitement of a brand new experience, we will become nostalgic, which always starts from missing our familiar food.

    留学生必定都有过一份满街寻找家乡菜的经历。然而中西文化的差异必然让很多事物名称相似,内容却差了十万八千里。本以为众里寻它千百度,却发现阑珊处是水中月和镜中花。想当年在加拿大,当我捧着Tim Hortons里卖的松松软软的早餐饼干(biscuit),想起超市里卖的咬一口硌掉牙的曲艺饼(cookie),不禁有点怀疑人生。

    It is normal for students abroad to look for hometown- style meals but what we find always appear different from what we expect. I still remember once in Tim Hortons, the soft biscuit for breakfast comparing to the solid cookies nearly made me challenge the translation of these two words. Shouldn’t they be opposite as what they are now? 


    Maple Leaf high school’s Food and Nutrition course is specially designed for students to easily transfer to a foreign living environment where many of the seasoning and cooking instructions can stun good English speakers from China. Students can also have the opportunity to try different tastes and living philosophy to get themselves ready for the future independent life.

    烹饪课的宗旨是吃的好而且吃的健康。 比如今天烹饪课上老师教给大家的据说是非常受西方人喜欢的鸡汤。

    Eating good and healthy is the motor of the Food and Nutrition course. Today in the food lab, chicken soup was introduced.


    This is what chicken soup is like in China, pure soup, mild salty and warm, calm our stomach and heart particularly in the chilly weather. 


    But in Canada, chicken soup is like this or this.



    Home-made style chicken soup looks more like this.


    See? Vegies in pottage with pasta noodles. Does it look more like the famous Chinese dish Home-style Dough Drop Soup? Maybe these two just look alike. Let’s look at the ingredients: 

    也许形式神不似?这份特别的鸡汤是怎么做的呢? 看看所需材料。

    一份250ml的熟鸡胸肉,煮鸡肉用的水,2茶匙的黄油,一份切片的芹菜,一份切丁的胡萝卜,半份的切丁洋葱,一份切丁的菠菜,1/2茶匙的意大利调味料,7份的水(煮汤用), 一罐鸡汁,5茶匙的鸡精,2份意面

    250ml (1 cup) cooked chicken (1 chicken breast) · water for chicken · 10ml (2 teaspoons) butter · 250ml (1 cup) sliced celery · 250ml (1 cup) chopped carrot · 125ml (12 cup) chopped onion · 250ml (1 cup) chopped spinach · 2.5ml (12 teaspoon) Italian Seasoning · 1750ml (7 cups) water · 625ml chicken broth (1 can) · 25ml (5 teaspoons) chicken bouillon (powder) · 500ml (2 cups) noodle.


    En, vegies, meat, noodles, make in a big pot to eat, still quite alike. Compare the cooling instructions?

    也许做法不同? 看看操作指南。

    首先,鸡肉在锅中煮熟(使用肉内温度计?!),胡萝卜芹菜和洋葱切丁,黄油下锅融化(就是给锅里加点油),将蔬菜放进去翻炒5-10分钟,鸡肉煮熟后撕成细条(用两个叉子),在翻炒的蔬菜中加入调味料和水,再加切好的菠菜,煮20分钟然后加入意面,盖盖子大火煮20-25分钟。总结,还是在做一锅疙瘩汤, 就是用了不同的调味料。

    1.  Put the chicken breast into the flat pot, fill the pot with water up to the top of the chicken, Boil the chicken for 15min until cooked inside (use thermometer)

    2.  Dice Carrots, Celery, onions

    3.  Melt butter in large pot at 300.

    4.  Sauté the celery, carrot and onion for 5 to 10 minutes at 900.

    5.  When chicken is cooked remove from water and shread

    6.  Add Italian Seasoning, chicken stock (powder), chicken broth (liquid) and water to celery and carrots.

    7.  Dice and Add spinach

    8.  (optional) add hot peppers

    9.  Bring to a boil 210.

    10. Add noodles and chicken and cook on 600 for 20-25 minutes (use lid).

    Conclusion, it is cooking the dough drop soup with different seasoning。


    During the food preparation and process, the teacher needs to show and explain step by step, such as the kitchen safety operation, the nutrition factors in cooking and the comparison between Chinese and Canadian vegetables. 

    当然老师还放了几个大招,比如演示了西方厨房的常用工具,肉内温度计和开罐器。第一个是用来测量锅里煮着的肉有没有达到规定温度的工具,使用的时候不关火,挑选肉块最厚的部分,将长长的金属尾部刺入其中间部分进行读数(主要是看肉熟没熟)。(说实话,按照我们的老祖宗传下来的方法,直接用筷子捅捅或将肉剥开,肉质的松软度和色泽不就说明了问题了吗? )

    Meanwhile, teacher demonstrated the use of certain kitchen tools, including the meat thermometer and can opener, which made the surprised students inhale. (Do not ask why we need to use meat thermometer to judge the cooking of the chicken or use the opener for the cans. I personally prefer sticking chopsticks into meat to see if it is well cooked and cut cans’ top with chef knife. We all have our happy and preferred way to deal with the eating challenges.)



    The teacher also addressed the necessity of following the instructions when baking. He understands the Chinese people artistic styles in cooking but reminds that baking is like science. Any change of the instruction at will during baking will lead to a horrible chemistry experiment.


    Do not undervalue all this minor knowledge. Being familiar with them can help us settle in a new life easily. Do you know why Chinese students go to KFC in north America only order BBC sauce? Because they do not know the ranch and buffalo sauce, neither the pronunciation nor the taste.


    In Food and Nutrition course, students do not only broaden their vocab in living scenarios but also develop their living skills and cultural understandings. This is the intention that we offer the food course at Maple Leaf that is to have students ready for studying abroad academically and socially. After this class, you will never become frustrated when ordering or cooking chicken soup abroad. 


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